About Us:

Overdrive Customs, LLC is based in Scottsdale, AZ and is the owner of www.bluetoothaz.com.

Our staff has decades of experience, continuing education and the certifications to get the job done right for each specific vehicle. This is why we've been trusted with high-end and collector's autos such as seen at the prestigious Barrett-Jackson Car Shows. We've been trusted to work on vehicles owned by celebrities, sports figures and people like you who expect the best.

Our installs don't look like "installs" because we strive for seamless integration with your vehicle's interior or exterior, as if it came that way right off the showroom floor. We match vinyl, leather, woodgrain, chrome - whatever it takes to make the install look absolutely beautiful. Want some of the components hidden to preserve the retro-look of an older car? No problem. You dream it up and we'll make it happen. From simple to complex, there's something for every price range. Check out our Gallery page to have a look at some of the jobs we've done.

Overdrive Customs takes special care to make sure you understand what is needed to make your system run properly, and most importantly, to make it operate safely for the exact type of vehicle you own. Installing advanced systems today requires more than just hooking up a few wires. Sure you can go anywhere to have an install done for you, but there's no telling if it was done safely and properly. Installs today deal with electricity, voltage and high-tech electronics, which if not properly installed by a mobile electronics professional, can cause damage to your car, worst-case scenario - an electrical fire. We don't skimp on wiring or components and use only the highest quality supplies available.

We often have customers ask us to re-do installs they've had done elsewhere. Our motto is "do it right the first time", thus saving you time and aggravation. Also, we won't just hand the vehicle back - we take the time to explain exactly what was done, why, and we'll walk you through step-by-step on how to operate your new products. They all come with a manual of course, but an overview in-person, by phone or even e-mail is much appreciated by our clients. Even if you read the manual and are unclear on a few things, you can always give us a call for help.

We take pride in our work, we value our clients and it shows.